Conference Book

Please find below the Conference Book (Intro) with the Book of Abstracts (Theme 01 - 10) for download. The Intro gives you an overall overview of the conference with all sessions, keynote speeches, panel discussions and laboratory talks. In Theme 01 - 10 mini-symposia are described and all submitted abstracts can be studied.

The WESC 2021 WebApp provides all recorded sessions on demand until the end of 2021 for conference attendees. Just use your login data from the conference to open the recordings or contact us.

Parallel Sessions

Conference Sessions:Please have a look at the 153 parallel sessions (regular sessions and mini-symposia) at WESC 2021.
Presentations:The schedule with more than 760 presentations in parallel sessions (mini-symposia and regular sessions) gives an overview of all speaker names with session assignment, day & time and presentation length.

Conference Themes

The conference was structured in 10 themes covering all topics in wind energy science. In each conference theme there were regular sessions compiled by our Scientific Committee as well as mini-symposia organised by scientists from universities and research institutions and R&D experts from the industry.

Wind Resource, Wind Farms and Wakes
Theme 1
Turbulence, Aeroelasticity and Rotor Blades
Theme 2
Turbine Technology, Control and Acoustics
Theme 3
Electrical Conversion, Energy System and Wind Power-to-X
Theme 4
Economy, Policy, Social and Ecological Aspects
Theme 5
Materials, Production and O&M
Theme 6
Reliability, Monitoring and Sensing Technology
Theme 7
Support Structures Onshore and Offshore
Theme 8
Floating Wind, Metocean and Extreme Conditions
Theme 9
Emerging Technologies and Special Sessions
Theme 10