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Wednesday, May 26, 13:05 - 13:35 CEST:
Julie K. Lundquist (University of Colorado, NREL):
"Turbulence to Turbine Wakes: Challenges in the Atmospheric Science of Wind Energy"


Thursday, May 27, 13:05 - 13:35 CEST:
Raimund Rolfes (ForWind, Leibniz University Hannover):
"New Collaborative Research Center: Offshore Megastructures" 


Thursday, May 27, 17:45 - 18:15 CEST:
Frede Blaabjerg (Aalborg University)
- EAWE Scientific Award Winner -   


Friday, May 28, 13:05 - 13:35 CEST:
Tim Meyerjürgens (TenneT):
"Offshore Wind Energy: Will the North Sea become Europe's New Powerhouse?"


Friday, May 28, 17:20 - 17:50 CEST:
Christopher Ulrich (Siemens Gamesa):
" Scaling Up Wind / Hydrogen Hybrids to Commercial Competitiveness"


Thursday, May 27, 18:15 - 19:00 CEST:
Open Data in Wind Energy Science

Matthias Schubert (Wyncon) - moderator

Nikola Vasiljevic (DTU Wind Energy)
Jason Jonkman (NREL)
Martin Knops (ZF Wind Power)
Andree Altmikus (Enercon)
Peter Schaumann (ForWind, Leibniz University Hannover)


Friday, May 28, 17:50 - 18:35 CEST:
How Wind Energy Science Contributes to Delivering the European Green Deal?

Pierre Tardieu (WindEurope) - moderator

Patrick Child (European Commission)
Adrian Timbus (ETIPWind, Hitachi ABB Power Grids)
Hanne Wigum (Equinor)
Johan Meyers (EAWE, KU Leuven)
Peter Schaumann (ForWind, Leibniz University Hannover) 


Tuesday, May 25, 19:20 - 20:00 CEST:
Testing Large-Scale Support Structures and Components for Onshore and Offshore Wind Turbines

Mareike Collmann (ForWind, Leibniz University Hannover) - moderator
Aligi Foglia (Fraunhofer IWES)
Eric Putnam (FORCE Technology)
Elmar Wisotzki (TenneT Offshore GmbH)
Raimund Rolfes (ForWind, Leibniz University Hannover)


Tuesday, May 25, 19:20 - 20:00 CEST:
Large Generator Converter Lab for Deep Investigations on Wind Generators

Amir Ebrahimi (ForWind, Leibniz University Hannover)
Jörn Steinbrink (ForWind, Leibniz University Hannover)  


Wednesday, May 26, 19:20 - 20:00 CEST:

Immersive Wind Turbine Sound Reproduction

Jürgen Peissig (ForWind, Leibniz University Hannover)
Stephan Preihs (ForWind, Leibniz University Hannover)
Christina von Haaren (Leibniz University Hannover, LiFE 2050)


Wednesday, May 26, 19:20 - 20:00 CEST:

Physical Modelling and Experimentation of Offshore Structures in Waves and Current  

Nils Kerpen (ForWind, Leibniz University Hannover)


Wednesday, May 26, 19:20 - 20:00 CEST:

Testing Turbulence and Wind Energy Systems in the Wind Tunnel  

Hendrik Heißelmann (ForWind, Carl von Ossietzki University Oldenburg) - moderator
Michael Hölling (ForWind, Carl von Ossietzki University Oldenburg)
Joachim Peinke (ForWind, Carl von Ossietzki University Oldenburg)
Gerd Gülker (ForWind, Carl von Ossietzki University Oldenburg)
Martin Kühn (ForWind, Carl von Ossietzki University Oldenburg)
Sandrine Aubrun (École Centrale de Nantes)
Bernhard Stoevesandt (Fraunhofer IWES) 


Thursday, May 27, 19:20 - 20:00 CEST:

Size Matters - Physical Model Testing for Offshore Wind and Marine Energy Devices in the Large Wave Flume (GWK) from Yesterday to Tomorrow  

Stefan Schimmels (ForWind, Leibniz University Hannover)


Thursday, May 27, 19:20 - 20:00 CEST:

HiPE-WiND Test Rig for Long-Term Tests on Entire Converter Systems Under Multimodal Climatic Conditions and Electrical Loads of Up to 10 MW  

Christian Zorn (ForWind, University of Bremen) - moderator
Nando Kaminski (ForWind, University of Bremen)
Johannes Adler (ForWind, University of Bremen)
Wilfried Holzke (ForWind, University of Bremen)
Michael Hanf (ForWind, University of Bremen)
Katharina Fischer (Fraunhofer IWES)


The conference is structured in 10 themes covering all topics in wind energy science. In each conference theme there will be regular sessions compiled by our Scientific Committee as well as mini-symposia organised by scientists from universities and research institutions and R&D experts from the industry.