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Call for Mini-Symposia


Early June – September 13, 2020

The Call for Mini-Symposia is closed. If you have questions regarding a subsequent submission, please contact us:


The Call for Mini-Symposia offers you the opportunity to propose a self-organised session in your field of research, embedded within one of the ten conference themes, including the selection of presenters and the length of talks.

A mini-symposium can relate to a certain research area, a  collaborative research project or a test infrastructure.

Mini-symposia chairs have the options, to accept abstract submissions during the Call for Abstracts, to invite speakers themselves or a mixture of both. Titles of the mini-symposia will be outlined on the website successively. You can also give a presentation within your own symposium but you are not required to do so. Furthermore, chairs will have the freedom to define the length and number of presentations within session blocks of 105 minutes (approx. 3 – 6 presentations). If a larger number of presentations is required, two or more session blocks can be assigned to the same mini-symposium.